Signal Sense

Signal Sense is a web-based application to analyze signal strength of data/voice service providers in field. It helps to understand the signal strength at different locations.

Signal strength information is collected with the help of android application installed in a smart phone.

The application is compatible with any commercially available smart phone

  • It provides analytics for signal strength of different service providers at any location
  • Provide comparative analytics of signal strength of different technologies like 2G, 3G, and 4G at any particular location
  • Help service providers reverse engineer signal strength dynamics by collating end user/street ready data
  • Help end user to select best service provider


Signal sense is one stop solution for signal strength survey and analytics for available service providers in a particular area

  • Signal sense operates on a very high end systems architecture and can handle very high traf
    fic flows in case of multiple simultaneous operations
  • It does not require any special skill for survey, thereby has great utility as a force multiplier
  • It promises huge cost advantages to service providers along with simultaneous error reduction in signal strength surveys
  • It provides all required analytics for available service providers at any location
  • It has inbuilt phone specific signal quality capturing capacity and superimposes this data with the generally available signal strength
  • It provides huge device bundling possibilities for operators in signal critical B2B transactions