Eco Energy Integration

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The availability of uninterrupted grid electricity is still a challenge for urban India. Load shedding is very common in tier “A” cities across India. Most of the time power shortage is compensated through diesel generators

  • Electricity is a costly commodity in cities, price of electricity is increasing year by year
  • Diesel generators are alternate source of energy but they pollute environment and it is a costly affair
  • Ageing diesel generators have high operation and maintenance cost
  • There is very less or no power monitoring across residential, commercial and industrial consumer

buy gabapentin overnight delivery Need of the hour is to have a reliable and affordable source of power to run all critical establishments with or without grid electricity   

Hybrid energy solution encourages renewable energy usage for cost effective and reliable power

  • PV solar feeds energy to the loads during day
  • Micro wind turbine feeds energy to the loads across 24 hours
  • Combination of solar and wind ensure 24 hour energy generation
  • Battery bank ensure reliable power backup and load management
  • Hybrid inverter uses grid electricity, solar energy, wind energy and battery bank in synchronization to feed power to the electrical loads
  • It minimize the dependency on diesel generated power
  • Hybrid inverter ensures quality power for electrical loads
  • Smart meter helps to monitor the entire system remotely with the help of web/mobile application


  • Renewable energy minimizes the power cost
  • Hybrid solution minimizes the total operational and maintenance cost
  • Remote monitoring improves system efficiency and helps in preventive maintenance
  • It is suitable for grid connected as well as isolated system
  • It is modular system, very easy to install maintain
  • Suitable for schools, hospitals and other commercial establishment
  • It reduces the power cost by more than 35%